17 January 2017

Here. Borrow My Gun.

So if I want to loan you my car, and I've checked that you have a valid driver's license and insurance, and I want to take a chance on you?  It's my right.

Personally?  I would never do that unless... I dunno... I lost a leg and needed a ride to the ER or something.  It would have to be something amazingly awful or unusual.  I never loan out big things like that that I can't afford to lose or be responsible for what you do with them.  So I might loan you $10 or a jacket or something like that, but not my car.

And certainly not a firearm!  Really?  NO.  Don't ask.

But hey!  Not everyone is stingy like me.  Missouri State Representative Nick Marshall will loan you a gun while you're visiting the state capitol out of the generosity of his heart.

Does it surprise you to hear this guy's a Republican?  Yeah, I'm a pretty conservative Republican myself but this seems a little too far for my taste honestly.  It seems to me that both parties are getting more extreme and not listening to each other... it's getting much worse.

I absolutely defend Marshall's right to go loan his own weapons but I also absolutely agree with the Democrats who are raising a stink about it as well.  It is a valid point that we don't do the same sort of background checks on general members of the public that we do on our officers and other security protecting the building.

It is true, however, that they will check your ID and one must have a concealed carry permit to borrow a gun.  As well, he'll loan only to a "constituent."  So basically?  Ya gotta be from Parkville.  Hardly an armed Armageddon.  No one has even bothered to ask for a spare weapon yet.

It's probably all showmanship.  Remember how our governor put out a campaign ad featuring him blowing stuff up with machine guns?  Yep.

Of more concern to me is the fact that people in my state can run around with firearms concealed on their person with no training whatsoever!  A "concealed carry" paper really just means you've registered with the state and you're not a convicted felon.  NOT that you know how to use a weapon at all!  And now?   They can be running around the state capitol.

I'm a very pro-second amendment but not pro-"run around with a loaded weapon and not know what the crap you are doing" sort of person.


  1. So if I come to your country and want to hold up a few banks Nick will lend me a weapon and I can just return it when leaving, I will keep that in mind if the need ever comes up.

    1. I think you're supposed to stay in the capitol building but if you have a gun... who's going to stop you, right? :)

  2. This is scary news. "Don't have a gun? Here, borrow one of mine" says someone in my mind as he throws open a loaded to the rafters gun cabinet.
    You've reinforced my conviction that I shall never visit America.

    1. Yeah, this is a crazy story even to me. Guess you won't be joining Merle in all those bank robberies she has planned. :)


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