18 January 2017

New Hairdo

This sourpuss face is about the best I could get out of the goofy kid for photo purposes.
Woodjie just got his hair done at Mean Gene's Barbershop in Liberty.  Doesn't he look cute?  He's had some real problems pulling his hair due to his trichotillomania, so I usually keep his hair short with the home buzz-cut.  This looks much better, although I will probably not be able to spend what it takes to keep his hair looking like this always.  It's so short that no doubt the freshly-shaven look won't last long.

I asked the kiddo if he wanted fancy stars or designs on his head today and he said nah... oh well.  He's pretty spiffy without it anyway.


  1. The new hair cut looks great on him!

  2. That's a nice cut, he looks good.

  3. I love that they do fancy designs in their buzzcuts now. How fun! But I like the regular cuts, too. They did a great job!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! Part of me was hoping he'd opt for a really cool cut like that but then I know it would look strange growing out. We'd have to be back weekly for maintenance!


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