16 March 2017


Woodjie cooking tacos.
Sorry I've been away so long from the blog.  I've missed reading what my friends are up to, but I've been in sort of a "downer" place for a bit here.  I'm ok... but just having a hard time saying hello to people and getting up and out and being CHEERFUL.  And I don't want to blog a big pity-party or anything like that.

No, I'm really ok!  Just having a bit of a hard time in my (pretty normal) life.  I think everyone goes there sometimes.

One thing I have realised from binge-watching a million shows while I've been away is that 1. I will never be a super-hero; and 2. oh my goodness, do I have a lot in common with the stars of My 600 Pound Life.  Only thing is the degree to which these people act stupid and let the cameras in, ya know?

So how are you?  No, I'd better go visit y'all and find out for myself.  I have missed you.  :)


  1. Woodjie's cooking Tacos? I'll tell my kids, they'll be right over...(*~*)
    Hope you feel,better soon. I have days like that, sometimes several in a row, but not usually. A good night's sleep followed by a day of nothing much but reading and eating sorts me out.

    1. Yeah, he helps out every now and then but isn't ready to take over the whole project. Thanks for your kind words. :)

  2. Yeah, hard to blog when life's feeling hard. Never want to dump that on everybody else. Never mind. You're back now. ♥


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