23 March 2017

It's Convention Season!

Aaand I'm not going.  I might spend some time re-organising what I have or at most ordering like, $100 worth of stuff online from my fave people.  Not going to the local  homeschooling convention and laying down $500 on stuff that I didn't know I needed.

I mean, I love going to the conventions and all, but it's a rather expensive proposition at best.  You spend $50 for a membership that includes admission to the conference and you wind up spending far more than you meant to.  Not that the stuff there isn't nifty... but I'm just not up to battling crowds and overspending this year.

It seems odd but this year I think I should focus more on cleaning out my closets or something.  I feel like I have a bunch of STUFF I hardly use and I don't want to go out and get more STUFF even if I will use it.  Because that would mean the stuff I already have won't get used. 

Ahhh well.  I know eventually I'll need to get some STUFF for Woodjie just because he learns a bit differently, especially with writing/ English, but I'm putting it off a bit.


  1. Good idea to clean out cupboards and use up what's in them. You might find you already have everything you need.

    1. I know it! I'm finding tons of stuff, but the trick is to figure out when to use it all!

  2. Conventions were most useful to me when I was a new homeschooler... Once you gain experience, it's just preaching to the choir.


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