28 December 2007

The Baby is a BOY!!

And he has brown hair. And he can crawl already!! I decided to leave him with an irresponsible relative and go swimming. Then I forgot about all my other children. I collected seashells at the edge of the pool in the sand (don't ask me how because I have no idea). I also ate sandwiches I did not have to make myself. Mmmm...

Then I changed my mind and wanted the baby back, but then the baby and I wound up in court somehow and the judge told me I could have the baby, but I had to raise him as a Muslim. I told him I'd sure do that, thinking, yeah, a Muslim who CONVERTED at the age of six months to Christianity, you betcha I can do that... Now HOW am I going to do that with court oversight??

I woke up just then.

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  1. Don't you LOVE pregnancy dreams? :-)

    When I was pregnant with my second I dreamed I gave birth to a litter of kittens. My big concern in my dream was how I was going to get them to nurse! Their mouths were so small after all. :-)

    When pregnant with my fourth I dreamed that my husband was sick and was going to die. So, being the good man he was he wanted to provide for me. So, he picked out my new husband and asked him to move into the house and my husband moved out. Just so I could get used to the new arrangement. The guy he picked cracked me up, too. It's someone we know who would be the oddest choice ever. I woke up and begged my husband, "Please don't make me marry him!" LOL


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