21 December 2007

Sad Feud Between Neighbours


Little old man and woman neighbours have an ongoing feud about stealing tangerines. You know, if it were a "feud" between our family and our next door neighbours, they would start out by giving us three bags of tangerines, whether we wanted them or not. Then we'd have to counter with a couple bags of grapefruit. And we'd receive five bags of tangerines and some cookies back the next day.

I'm serious. We never win our feuds.


  1. Responding to your comment on my blog:

    Whoa Mrs. C! You are amazing. Do you follow a certain curriculum? We are doing an online program that sets out our lesson plans each day. Whether we get behind or ahead is okay. I don't think I could wing it on my own. I need a guide. Actually, my 6 and 7 year old are in the same grade because Chaz had to be held back so that makes it easy. Next year will be different because Kyle will be starting Kindergarten.
    Do you guys who homeschool think you could go online and answer this question I asked on Yahoo answers?

  2. How incredibly stupid this woman is!

    I have a goal. It's to not get completely crotchety when I get old!


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