29 January 2008

Doing It Right.


Recently, we've been talking about social services and their acting on anyonymous or unsubstantiated tips. I've heard from some of you saying, well, when would YOU tell? Or wouldn't you tell? Here's a good example of "the answer:"

In this story, we see the NAME of the person who told. She doesn't cover up who she is or why she called. She genuinely believes she's doing the right thing and seems to have no premeditated malice toward the mother in this case... in other words, she didn't just have a big fight with her and think of some way to get her back. She was GENUINELY concerned about the welfare of this child. She doesn't seem to feel as if she "won" anything when the girl was taken away. In fact, she seems to recognize that there are no winners when child abuse happens.


  1. Would eating Ramen noodles and drinking soda still be bad if the mother was present?

  2. LOL, I kinda thought that little comment about her eating Ramen noodles was a bit off as well. That's something most college students do, and these people need to be "culturally sensitive" to that kind of stuff, seriously.

    The dog feces and "unliveable conditions" are bad no matter who's in the house, though.


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