27 January 2008

Home From the Hospital.

I'm finally home! Baby Rose is our first girl and has a LOT of hair on her head. We'll have to take some more pics and post them sometime soon.

This time, thankfully, the staff were very helpful and understanding. Although they did not help by making it all stop in the middle of labour like I asked them to... I had a very tolerable labour until about the last half hour. That part was awful, but thankfully didn't last long and the baby came quickly. I managed to keep enough composure NOT to get an epidural and I'm very glad I did. When I was in labour with Woodjie, by the time the anesthesiologist arrived and rammed the needle into my back about SIX stinkin' times and got the medicine started, it was really too late. The baby arrived about 15 minutes later and it was pointless.

I've spent two days in the hospital and though the staff were very nice, the hospital's weak spot is its "nutrition department." Most of the food was extremely unpalatable. It was nearly impossible to find someone "responsible" for the food to at least get a choice on what unpalatable thing to eat. The only stuff they had that tasted good was probably made somewhere else and full of thousands of calories. I'm glad to be home... hopefully everyone hasn't eaten all the "good" food while I was gone.

One strange thing about the hospital was the constant asking about what I "need" for pain. Um, I didn't have any pain. I didn't need anything for pain. No, thank you, I don't need pain medicine. No, I don't need any "foam" for pain. No, I don't have any stitches or anything so I DON'T NEED ANYTHING FOR PAIN. (Seriously, if I had a problem abusing prescription drugs it woulda been heaven there...)

Poor Woodjie is having a rude awakening. He got very upset that baby Rose was on HIS changing table. HIS mom and dad keep holding her and worst still... they fed her a BOTTLE. He is supposed to have all bottles! He is supposed to be the "baby." He's pretty mad.


  1. I just found out.....she is so beautiful. Way to do a great job mom. I guess I should mention great job to dad too. I can almost smell that baby smell, I want another one. psst can't though. What a sweet little thing.
    Blessings Lori

  2. Congratulations!! How wonderful.
    Hope you are feeding well!!

  3. I love that she has a lot of hair.

    Congratulations again!! You have such a beautiful family!! I hope that baby J comes around soon enough. Pretty soon he'll discover that she's here to stay and will give in.


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