07 January 2008

Trip to the Fire Station

Any parents of small children reading my blog, I just want to tell you that going to the fire station to have your car seat checked or installed is a great idea. Just call them ahead of time, and they have a designated car seat person around during certain hours at certain stations. Despite having "lotsa" children, I always find that they install the seats better than I can. And a well-installed seat is a safer seat. You do NOT have to wait to sign up for those crowded "car seat check" events... they just do those to get people in so that the seats get checked.

The smaller children and I went to the fire station to get our car seats switched around. I wanted the tiny baby clip-in seat to be reinstalled, but I couldn't get the other car seat out! The last time the firefighter put in the car seat, you know he did a good job if that thing won't budge despite all my tugging and wriggling.

Now we have our car seats in the right places, and he even fixed the seat that broke while we were there! One of our back seats suddenly reclines on occasion. What a pain, but you can't get more convenient timing than this!!

I can't tell you how GOOD our timing was today. As we were finishing up, a woman with SEXTUPLETS drove in after me and told the firefighter he might be a bit busy with the car seats for a while...

(No, I'm not kidding!)

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  1. Thanks for the tip, I still need to go pick out new car seats. I have to have them replaced after the van accident.


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