06 January 2008

We Have a Wiiiiii!!!!

Patrick has been saving for a Wii system for well over a year and a half. He was just bound and determined that he WOULD get one. It's been all he would talk about. It was the last thing he mentioned before going under for his surgery. He wanted a Wii. Super Paper Mario this, Wii that... and did you know this-or-that about the Wii? The Wii? The Wii??? D took him out last night at 9 p.m. to wait on line for the Sunday special at our local Wal-Mart. Limited number of Wiis for sale... it turned out to be only four. But he got one. He waited almost four hours on line, and he got so excited when he got one in his arms that he forgot his dad's cell phone number and called us at home. D came to pay for the Wii... Patrick, not having a credit card, will pay him back on our next trip to the bank. Patrick didn't want to leave without purchasing the Super Paper Mario as well. Now it is allll his. We just have to figure out where on earth to install it!


  1. PS Doesn't he look tired but happy?

  2. Saving for a year and a half, i am soo impressed. So glad he got one, he deserved it.
    HAve fun!


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