12 January 2008

Why I Have Trouble Teaching Everyday Mathematics


I'm not doing it "right." Thank God! We are spending a lot of time on the flash cards and on knowing our facts. I like the word problems in Everyday Mathematics and think those are helpful. I *don't* like the way they teach the math. I'm pretty much just using the worksheets I feel like, doing the drills independently and supplementing with the Horizons curriculum. Thankfully D says as long as the children understand the math CONCEPTS taught in the public school curriculum, he's ok with it. So I'm just going to teach them to multiply the "regular" way. And I'm not going to worry when they introduce concepts that are obviously not meant to be mastered just then. I went about crazy when my 6 and 7-year-olds had difficulty telling me what 5/8 of 16 was. JUST because it's on a worksheet in this curriculum does NOT mean the children need to know how to do the math just yet.

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