20 February 2008

Colonial Hatmaking.

Elf and Emperor made these Colonial hats with some paper and clear tape. We got the directions from our second-grade social studies unit on how people dressed during Colonial times. The teachers' manual was unclear in that it did not have a cut-out pattern or size specification for the boys' hats. We just guessed, so the hats wound up a little small. These were fun to make and relatively easy to do. As you can see, it's just a triangle in the middle surrounded by three folded boat-shapes. I stapled the corners together so that the hat would stay tri-cornered.


  1. Thanks! It's just in time for Purim, and the villian of the story supposedly wore a three-cornered hat!

  2. Haman had a tri-cornered hat?? Oh, I didn't know that! I remember seeing Haman with one of those on in the Hannah-Barbara series and thinking that those came out later.

    Have a great Purim! It sounds like a really cool holiday to celebrate. Esther is one of my favourite Bible books. :]

  3. Thanks for posting the photo. We had similar instructions from our online school, but no good picture of how it should turn out. Your pictures helped!


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