22 February 2008

Cyber Schooling

I find it interesting that public schools don't push the internet schools available through the state, but the school district administrators whine and complain about how they have SO MANY KIDS and they're overcrowded. They need this next bond issue to pass, or the children will suffer!

Now, come on. If they really pushed internet charter schools, there'd be no need for a new elementary AND a new high school. My state representative tells me the program went from pilot status to FULL FUNDING. OK, so where's the push to get students out of the brick-and-mortar schools and into the land of internet? There isn't one! But let's make the homeschoolers "aware" of this "option" and give them *free* textbooks and tutoring!


Thanks, but no. It's a great idea, though, to have this "in-between" option for parents, though. I fully support that idea. It might help those parents who want to homeschool but are somewhat anal about "standards" and whatnot. You'd know for sure that you have the same sort of education that you'd get in a public school, at least in terms of what is taught content-wise. You'd have that "accountability" if you want it, and you'd be overseen by someone with that all-important magical "certification," if that's what you like. (I mean, all those teachers through the ages, including Jesus, couldn't possibly teach as well as a "certified" instructor could today! They didn't have the required coursework completed! We need "standards" and "accountability," doncha know!)

Wouldn't you think it would make sense that forms on the cyber schools be sent out with the course selection forms for the following year? Or that the forms be given to elementary school parents during the last parent-teacher conference of the year?

I've been in contact with my state rep on a regular basis since about forever. He's a politician, but he's also somewhat reasonably conservative. He tells me that if the Democrats get in the next election that the funding for these internet schools is in peril. Despite what the HSLDA would tell you, that would make me sad. Public schools as we know them are NOT going anywhere, and I would rather have this option available than not.

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  1. I hear you...;) I feel better every day that we are homeschoolers.


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