07 February 2008

Let's Talk About Poop!

We spent the latter part of our school day on something fun: talking about and creating dinosaur poop (well, it's fake, obviously...). The recipe is in the Jurassic Poop book we're borrowing from the library. It's a fun little book about how we know what dinosaurs and early humans ate by looking at their fecal matter. We talked about how a mouse poop is going to be different from a T-Rex poop. We looked at petrified coprolites in the book as well. I've also found a little BBC link on fossils and poop. Emperor wants you to know that his BLUE poop on the left is from an omnivore... you know, they eat EVERYTHING so the poop turned blue. Elf says his is of course from an herbivore! All those green leaves and whatnot...


  1. That looks great!! I want to make some!!

  2. Alright, I think I have a lesson for my four year old boy...soon to be five. Hmm...due to my hubby's surgery, his b-day plans were scrapped. Maybe we could have a poop party!

  3. Yay! Always glad to be an "inspiration" in a young life, ya know.

    Actually, the book *could* be used up through middle school if you wanted to get more in-depth. I kinda looked at the pictures and read a little of this and that since I only wanted to spend a day on it.

  4. Ah! Here it is... my BBC link:


    The "Who Dung It?" game... find and click on the "poopetrator!"


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