12 March 2008

The Adventure Begins!

Found a trail of water from the bottom of my washer. It's been "totalled" many times and must be completely rebuilt or pitched. We're choosing "pitched," because this model has given us a lot of trouble. It's been rebuilt three times and had repairs once in addition!! The "Daytag" people said that we've used up all our warranty and awhile back sent us the $70 remaining on it. I think the warranty gives you $1500 worth of repairs or something.

Word of advice: GET the warranty! We're so glad we did or we'd have had to replace/repair this lemon long ago. But meantime... D has to work this weekend and I have no clue when we'll be able to go shopping, let alone take delivery on our new model. Whatever it is.

So when I post pictures of my chimney-sweep looking kids, I hope you'll understand.


  1. Everything around here is giving out at the same time. We still havent replaced our TV and now our dishwasher gave up the ghost!

    Hope the laundry doesnt pile up too badly!:)

  2. Yep we will understand!
    Good luck!


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