13 March 2008

Dear Anonymous Commenters

Hopefully you're commenting because you're genuinely concerned about misinformation about autism, and you're not just a troll or trolls. I wrote the last entry about God, healing and autism almost immediately following some bad things that happened concerning one of my children on the spectrum. It was certainly NOT meant to be derogatory toward people with the condition.

I'll have to post more later on the subject, but for now let this suffice: the condition is not WHO YOU ARE. It is not an innate part of your being any more than blindness would be who the blind person IS. Yes, it affects everything that person does and how that person sees things. Yes, it affects how we treat that person because it HAS to. (It would be very wrong to ask your blind friend to go get the green shirt near the yellow sweater from a huge pile of clothes stacked on your table, wouldn't it? Well, right now it means I can NOT let my Elf go to public school.)

But it is not who that person IS. And any comments I made (right or wrong) about autism shouldn't be taken personally. FYI I have great love for my two autistic sons. It is very hard to see them go through things that other kids wouldn't have to go through.

I suppose I write these posts to try to get my *own* mind around the whole thing. I have no political agenda in this area. I just wonder why God would allow these things to happen to such nice kids. I suppose we won't know this side of heaven.


  1. Goodness what did someone say? I hope it wasnt too mean. Ive had scores of trolls in my blogging days! Ignore their stupidity!

  2. i have no idea what you are going through. i do agree with you though autism does not make the person. i have friends that are going through what you are. i believe they have autism, autism doesn't have them.

  3. I stopped asking why many years ago and just enjoy C for who he is and help him as much as i can.

    There are many blogs out there of parents who write about what is on their minds, as it does help to get your thoughts out.
    Your blog is your space to write what you want. :)

  4. Aw, thanks guys!! The comments could have been worse but right now they were very hurtful to me.

    Casdok, you are further along in things than I am. I keep thinking if I could JUST find the right way of handling things, or say the right prayer... or do something RIGHT that my children would be ok.

    I feel like the ultimate failure.

  5. You're not the only one with insensitive "anonymous" people who wish to twist all you say so they have something to lash out at.

    You're not a failure! God gave you your kids because He knew you would be what is best for them. We can't always (or ever!) see the bigger picture, but I know that your kids help make you who you are, whether it's by testing your patience, your pocket book, or your faith.

    Our pastor recently spoke on healing and noted how we OWN our ailment by saying, "I have a cold" or whatever. He challenged us to change our thinking on it.

    Have you ever read "With Christ in the School of Prayer"? Very good stuff!


Non-troll comments always welcome! :)