28 March 2008

Earth Hour Practice

We Stanleys have been practicing for Earth Hour tomorrow night. http://www.earthhour.org/ We are going to see Miss Casdok's "Mum" over the weekend and hopefully see some of the English countryside. We'll start on our way back to Missouri next week as they are beginning to feel a bit home sick!! And we have many more adventures to have all over the world!


  1. Wow! It's good practice for C too in case of a blackout. We had one for almost three full days when Patrick and G were 4 and 3. NO fun at all. Earth "hour" would be a breeze after that fiasco LOL!

    Not to mention when the power went out I fell down the stairs and broke my big toe where it joins my foot in THREE places! I was on crutches and loopy-drugs.

  2. Happy Earth hour..

    Please don't worry yourself about trying to send a flat gift down to me..

    My daughter Veronica and I are really quite excited about 'hosting' the Flat Stanleys.. Neither of us had heard of the book before.. so this is just a good chance for us to experience our island state through the eyes of the Flat Stanleys...

    cheers kim xxx

  3. Glad to hear the Stanley's took part in Earth Hour too. It was a great learning time at our house!


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