22 March 2008

A Letter From the Prime Minister

Miss Casdok is very excited!! She got a letter today from 10 Downing Street! That is where her Prime Minister Gordon Brown lives! She had sent him a letter with a photo of the Stanleys and he replied!!!!! We will travel home with this letter when we return to Missouri. In case you can't read it from the photo, the letter reads: Dear Casdok, The Prime Minister has asked me to thank you for your recent letter and for enclosing the Flat Stanleys. Mr. Brown would like to be able to reply himself, but his very busy working day makes this impossible. He is, however, always pleased to hear from young people. The Flat Stanleys enjoyed their visit to Downing street and met several interesting people. I am enclosing a booklet about 10 Downing Street, so that you can see where the Stanleys stayed. Mr. Brown sends his best wishes.


  1. I'm impressed! Our "reply from the President" took several months!!


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