05 April 2008

4. This is one of the jets on static display at the Tinker Air Park that is associated with Tinker Air Force Base. This is also the infamous plane that tore up Doodlebug's nose. It took a lot of convincing to get her to pose with it.

5. This is another one.

6. We went to Mr. Zimms' work today. The Stanleys helped him do a vehicle wrap. Which trust me is long, tedious, hard and did I mention long. I am including a before and after picture so you can see how hard the Stanleys worked. This is the boss' Tahoe. So the name of the company Mr. Zimms works for is Vital Signs and you can that on the side of the Tahoe. The graphics are printed on a special film that goes through a thermal printer that is about 4 feet wide. Then they clean the vehicle with a special stuff that gets off all grime and stuff like that. Then the graphics are peeled off the backing of the film and wet down with a soap and water mixture. Then they very carefully stick it to the car. I forgot to mention that they measure the car and make marks with a grease pencil on the car so they know where the graphics go. Then they use a special felt squeegee to smooth it on. Also they have to go back and cut around things like nameplates, door handles, mirrors, and key holes. Any air bubbles have to a pinhole put in them and then smoothed out again. Sometimes they need to use a handheld propane torch to soften the graphics a little more to go around trim or other things. If it isn't smoothed out completely dirt will get in and make it all come off. Getting vehicle wraps done isn't cheap either, so you don't want to have to do it again.

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