05 April 2008

Thanks, Mrs. Zimms!!

Mrs. Zimms has been kind enough to send me emails and photos of all kinds of Oklahoma adventures. I don't think we've done this many field trips ALL YEAR and I'm sure the Zimms gang is having a blast with the Stanleys. Really all the pictures and words are verbatim from her email. (cut, paste, delete real names... ta da!) Thanks, Mrs. Zimms!

1, We went to the Oklahoma Welcome Center. This is Brown Sugar and S posing with the life size Geronimo (supposedly)(I am not convinced). It is one of the first things you see when you enter the Center.

2. I was trying to get the Stanleys in the picture with the banner of Oklahoma and the stealth bomber.

3. The other one of the Stanleys with the banner.


  1. Today is the hot rod show, which D is most excited about. He just know your boys must like cars as much as him. So expect lots of pictures from this one.
    An older man in our church loves to introduce boys to this event and buys tickets for them and their dads to go together. Isn't that neat!
    He said he is going to take a picture with the coolest car there to send your boys.

  2. Oh, yeah! We can't wait to see the pics!!


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