08 April 2008

9. This is the survivor tree. It actually survived the blast. It is now surrounded by a fruit orchard and red bud trees. Recently we had a terrible ice storm. They had volunteers out there knocking ice off the branches with broom sticks. It is still putting on leaves and growing. There are still black marks on it from the fire.

10. A little more panoramic view of the memorial. I am standing at the survivor tree and shooting the picture facing north. The church you can see in the east corner and a church, you can't see in the west corner, both lost all of the stain glass windows in the blast. They are old churches, around 100 years old. It took them about 5 years to replace all the stain glass windows.One more side note.. the night of the bombing is the only night that anyone ( we are talking old timers here) that there wasn't any crime. The police dept. did not receive any calls for anything. Nothing, not even a purse snatching. They thought for sure that the buildings that sustained damage and were left unattended would be looted. Nope! Amazing, huh?

11. This is Brown Sugar with the Stanleys in front of one of the buffalo statues. These have been sponsored by different businesses and then placed around the city. It was designed to be like a scavenger hunt. Little Bitty loved these buffalo. Some were painted like flags, some had rhinestones, and some looked like Elvis.

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  1. Mrs. Zimms, you make Oklahoma City sound almost like Mayberry! That's incredible that there were no phone calls on robberies, etc. that night.


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