27 April 2008

Baby S is Three Months Old Now.

She is very thin and doesn't have enough pink stuff with flowers in her wardrobe.


  1. She is adorable, and she doesn't look too thin! As for pink stuff, go shopping girl!

  2. You have beautiful children! My grandma's favorite color was pink, everything ~ her clothes, her costume jewelry, her trailer, her furniture. I swore never to do pink. And, I didn't for Marissa. I must have gotten over it though. Beverly will be loaded in pink. Why she even has a pink pair of Robeez.

  3. I am just catching up on your blog. Cutie Pie! I love baby girl stuff.
    Yard looks good too. We are just getting ours back into shape too.
    We are glad the Stanleys arrived home safely. They were stuck into a 3 yo old pocket many times, because he wanted to carry them so bad.

  4. Check out those chunky cheeks! Adorable!

  5. Derrr, sometimes I think "yep she's kidding" but don't want to presume! Never presume anything ... it could blow up in your face I have found.


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