19 April 2008

Paddle Steamers!

Hi Elf & Emperor!

The Stanleys spent this afternoon visiting the Paddle Steamers in the town of Echuca in Northern Victoria. The Port of Echuca was once a very busy inland port, with goods being transported up and down the river to different parts of the country. The boats here in the Port still run on steam, powered by huge wood fires on board the boat. It is a very hot and hard job for the workers on the boat who keep the fire stoked so that the boat will keep running (especially in summer when the temperature gets very high)!

The Stanleys also had a look at the Thong Tree whilst they were visiting the Paddle Steamers. Thongs are very popular for people to wear in Australia. The Stanleys thought that you might have thongs at home in the USA but they weren’t sure what you called them.

We will write again soon!

Love from Jack and Annie xx


  1. We-eeelll, here in Missouri "thongs" are that kind of underwear that has a string that kinda goes in your bottom when you wear them. (yuk). We call the shoes "flip-flops" here. Maybe they're called thongs somewhere else in the country.

    Here we call soda "pop," but if you went to New York you'd have to call it soda. You call your dad "Pop" there sometimes. LOL!

  2. We thought you might call them "flip-flops"! (LOL) It must be funny for you to think that here in Australia we all wear thongs on our feet!

    And we call soda "soft drink"!

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