19 April 2008

Flat Stanley Plays Footy!

Hi Elf & Emperor!

The Flat Stanleys had a great day today. They had their first lesson in playing ‘Aussie Rules’ Football.

The Stanleys were very excited to meet Jack’s friend today, and even more excited to discover that Jack and his friend were going to spend the morning teaching them how to kick the football. First Jack demonstrated what to do (the Stanleys watched very closely) and then the Stanleys had a try themselves. They loved playing football!

After they had worn themselves out running around, Jack decided to treat the Stanleys to a traditional Australian ‘Footy lunch’ – a meat pie with tomato sauce! The Stanleys thought this was great!


  1. Yum! A game of footy and then a pie..You really cant get much more 'Aussie' than that..

    Kim xxx

  2. Footy & a pie n sauce...
    Life just don't get any better than that...


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