09 April 2008

The Stanleys at Jack and Annie's in Victoria, Australia

Yesterday the Stanleys woke up feeling very excited to be in Australia, and started the day having breakfast with Annie. In Australia, we love to eat vegemite on toast, and the Stanleys really enjoyed eating it too. You can see a photo of them eating vegemite toast with Annie.

The Stanleys then went to visit Jack’s school for the day. They were looking forward to meeting all the children in Jack’s class. In the photos you can see the Stanleys arriving at Jack’s school, and you can see them climbing out of Jack’s school bag, ready to go and meet Jack’s friends.

The children in Jack’s class loved meeting the Stanleys, and Jack’s teacher invited the other grade Prep class in to meet the Stanleys as well. All the children enjoyed listening to the letters you had written, and they loved looking at the presents that you had sent Jack and Annie. Jack’s teacher even read some of the Flat Stanley book and the children enjoyed this, too.

When the Stanleys got home from school they had a rest with Jack and Annie and then they went to look at some kangaroos in the bush near where we live. Jack and Annie’s dad tried really hard to get some photos of the Stanleys saying hello to the kangaroos but the kangaroos jumped away really fast. In one of the photos the Stanleys standing with the kangaroos in the background (the kangaroos are a bit hard to see but your Mom might be able to help you make them out).

After looking at the kangaroos, the Stanleys were very tired, so when we got home they went straight to bed. Last night they slept with Annie in her bed. They had slept with Jack in his bed on their first night here. You can see in the photo’s that they were very cosy.

This morning Annie took the Stanleys out for morning tea. They went to the Beechworth Bakery. They had a lamington which they really loved eating. A lamington is a traditional Australian cake. It has chocolate icing and coconut on the outside. Sometimes lamingtons have jam and cream in them as well. Yummy!!

After morning tea, Annie took the Stanley’s to the park to play. They loved playing on the swing and on the slide. The Stanleys are looking forward to Jack getting home from school today because Jack is going to teach them how to play cricket and tell them about Australian football. The Stanleys are also looking forward to visiting Melbourne on the weekend. We will write again soon to tell you more about the Stanley’s adventures.


  1. Great post.. the Stanleys are certainly having fun at Jack and Annies

    cheers Kim..

  2. Aw, thanks!! Elf and Emperor are loving yours as well. Even in the same country you guys live very differently!


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