09 April 2008

Water Delivery

We live in the country and we don't have "mains water"... All our water that we use in the house and garden comes from the rain. When it rains, all the water that falls on the roof runs into a rain water tank. We have three storage tanks. I would like another one but they are expensive to buy.. We are having a drought in Australia at the moment, which means that there isn't as much rain as there usually is. So I have had to buy water. This water is delivered in a truck. The truck driver fills his tanker up with water at the shop and then it is delivered to us..

I included a picture of my daughter holding the stanleys in front of my water tank as well.


  1. Kim, thank you!

    And we're interested in everything. Do you heat your home with that woodburning stove on the blog? Cook with it? I'm *presuming* you have electric b/c you blog, but if not how do you do those things?

    Did your children go to school by radio like in the books we checked out?

    And, do you have a recipe for "Pavlova?" The boys think it's the same as cake with fruit thrown on top but I don't think so from the picture.

    And, do you eat peanut butter sandwiches there? I thought everyone there eats "vegemite," which is dreadful awful stuff. But the boys assume everyone lives just like them LOL!

  2. How lovely to see the Stanleys in Tassie as well as Victoria.

    I'm sure Kim will tell you, but Pavlova is like a big meringue with cream and fruit on top... very Australian!!

    And the Stanley's will definitely be eating lots of vegemite at our house!!

  3. This is going to be fun seeing their trip to australia.
    The water tank thing is cool. How does it get to their house? Is there pipes from the tanks to the house?

  4. Wow, that is so interesting! HOWEVER here, over in Arizona, in the States, we we die of no water if I depended on rain! Ha ha!! We've had a drought for so many years. LOL. Gosh I am so sorry for taking so long to come to your site. Things have just been sooo busy around here. I can't even tell you. I always read your comments but never had time to really respond. Just quick glances. Hope you understand. I'm up late reading here!!!!


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