07 April 2008

What Does "Freedom" Mean to YOU?


Ned Vare would say that homeschoolers are slave to the education laws in their respective states. "If we are forced to homeschool our kids according to the dictates of anyone else, then to that degree, we are their slaves," he writes.

Have you considered yourself a slave lately? I had to really think about this because here in Missouri, I have very few restrictions. I tend to think of myself as free. Ned would argue none of us are free if we have to follow someone else's rules:

"The word ‘slavery’ naturally brings to mind the most drastic deprivations of freedom, so it makes people uneasy when we refer to certain state homeschooling regulations as slavery. But that is what it is -- the opposite of freedom to live as we choose."

Something to consider when politicians ask us for our votes at election time. Something to just plain old consider.


  1. Yes something to consider.

    Is anyone really free?

  2. Illinois has very good home school laws...none really. I think it is one of the most permissive states, in regards to home schooling.

    I am new at the homeschool "thing"
    We hsve only been at it since October of 2007. I have since met many parents who homeschool. I love it and my "special-ed /gifted at the same time" kids really are actually learning now.

  3. since we only have to school a certain number of days, I guess I tend to think that I am free.
    But if there was total freedom in all areas, we wouldn't really be free. Look at what it is costing America to allow everyone to be free to express themselves. There has to be some rules to allow more freedom.

  4. I think slavery has more to do with internal thoughts and attitudes than external hindrances. Obviously, their are individuals who are in external bondage, but even in those situations individuals can experience internal liberty. Paul sang praises to God in prison. I wrote a post called 10 Characteristics of a Slave that deals with this idea to a certain extent.

    Also, there is slight difference between the definitions of freedom and liberty. Freedom denotes complete absence of restraint. Liberty does, too, in the general sense. However, I found this quote in the 1828 Dictionary definition,

    Civil liberty is an exemption from the arbitrary will of others, which exemption is secured by established laws, which restrain every man from injuring or controlling another. Hence the restraints of law are essential to civil liberty.

    If everyone is left completely free, individuals will loose their liberty. Our very lives would be in danger.

    (This may need to become a blog post. I don't usually leave such long comments. Thanks for challenging me to think through this issue.)


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