07 May 2008

At-Home Repair

The stupid entryway tile grout keeps chipping up and getting tracked all through the house. It makes for extra cleaning each week as I must get the hose extension and vacuum the cracks out. D has ripped these tile up YET AGAIN, patched the hole in the existing tile underneath, and relaid the tile. It took a full weekend's worth of work on this item, complete with "no-stepping" instructions for most of that time. Do you know how hard that is when the backyard is muddy and your garage is impassable? Yes, we were home pretty much all weekend. But we took that extra time and effort to get it done absolutely correctly... Now the grout is starting to chip off again!! How maddening. D thinks maybe if we try to "seal" the tile, all will be well. We shall see. Whatever he does must be done soon while the damage is not too extensive.


  1. Those tiles would be driving me nuts! I hope you guys can get the problem sorted eventually.

  2. sealing should help. is the grout very old or a mix yourself kind? we used the pre-made stuff, but my fil mixed it himself and he has had trouble with his i think. also if you have been holding onto it, and it has been subjected to crazy temp changes (like being in a garage) maybe that messed it up.


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