08 May 2008

Ok, Where Do I Even Start on This Story?


Physicians are amazed and alarmed at the horrible polio rates in Nigeria! If you don't vaccinate your children, it's ***YOUR FAULT*** if your kid gets polio.


Even if the polio is spread by the vaccine.

Yes, in a convoluted, logic-defying twist of reasoning, we're hearing that we'd better get those vaccination rates up because the polio we're spreading with the vaccinations in the first place is a really bad thing. Deadly, even. From the article:

"There are just way too many kids in Nigeria who haven't been vaccinated and that's allowing the virus to spread," said Dr. Bruce Aylward, director of WHO's polio department... Hard-line Nigerian Islamic clerics called for (an immunization boycott), claiming an immunization campaign was part of a U.S.-led plot to render Muslims infertile or infect them with AIDS. (end quote)

Well, we can see how well we're implementing that big secret campaign to render the Muslims infertile. Shhh. But seriously, shouldn't we just vaccinate the immediate vicinity when there's an outbreak of a rare disease or virus? Does everyone all over the world need to get this done, several doses per child? Because it sounds to me that if the vaccine is causing more problems than it's solving, you need to use the vaccine more sparingly or not at all.

Not that I'm even debating the actual benefits and risks of vaccines generally in this post (some other time, maybe). OPV is actually more effective, but here in the West we want to suck up those immunization costs from the insurance companies, so we're not giving the cheap and effective stuff. You can't even find it for your own children if you WANT it. (Which I do.) Why buy generic when you can get the "good stuff that costs more" here in the States? I'd be a little suspicious myself if I were an African Muslim. Why are you giving me something different from what you give your own children?

Ok, but the infertility and AIDS thing is very funny. I'm sure the article reinforces American stereotypes of folks in the Third World nations being backward and silly. Like God didn't grant them the same intelligence He gave us, and somehow when tribal people become Westernized they're endowed by their Creator with some sense. Well, that's also another blog post some other day. But it would have been nice to hear where they GOT these ideas from.


  1. They are always trying to scare people into vaccinating. It makes me wonder sometimes. Our doctor suggested that we not vaccinate Monkette anymore after she started showing signs of autism and Munchkin after she had severe respiratory issues due to RSV and being born with premature lungs. I have doctors orders not to do it so they can kiss my behind if they think I am.

  2. Every case of polio in Haiti has been vaccine related too. And, the "fix" is to give more vaccine.

    When I filled out paperwork for my adoption to prove I could financially take care of the kids, I didn't have to notarize it. I was signing it under threat of perjury. But, I did have to notarize the promise that I would get the kids immunized. Dumb...


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