29 May 2008



So, wait. The FLDS children should never have been taken. Parental rights were violated. The kids ought to go home. BUT

"The ruling does not force CPS to end its involvement with the parents from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which runs the ranch in Eldorado, however.

The justices said child welfare officials can take numerous actions to protect children short of separating them from their parents and placing them in foster care and that Walther may still put restrictions on the children and parents to address concerns that they may flee once reunited. "

The families might "flee" once reunited? You know, the families they didn't have enough evidence of abuse on and against whom no criminal charges are filed? Those families might "flee?"

CPS, DFS and all other organizations of the like should be permanently and immediately disbanded. These people have WAY too much power over our lives and follow no real due process of law. We should all be contacting our representatives and letting them know this is not acceptable behaviour.

I wonder how many families are messed with by these people, and we never hear about it.


  1. Amen. I couldn't agree more.

  2. Hi Mrs. C
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    Tony (Ex-Tazblog)

  3. You and I have already had a conversation about this, and I thought of you when I read about the children being returned. As you know, I work in Child Protection in Australia, and it had never occurred to me for one second that what they did was actually illegal! I read it out to my husband and we were completely horrified. I honestly believed that the 'authorities' had gone about it correctly: followed due process, natural justice, a little thing called THE LAW!!

    I can't believe the truth! WHAT were they thinking???


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