29 May 2008

Joke From Kate's Blog

Q: How many homeschoolers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Three. One to hold the bulb, another to write a Unit Study on the history of light bulbs, and the third to host a conference seminar on the biblical way to screw it in correctly.

You should go over and check her blog out. I am more conservative than she is, but I like her attitude of always going back to what the Word says, and her (mostly) kind spirit to even those Christians who are unkind and unloving. Link: http://kateschosen.wordpress.com/


  1. I'm on my way over now. Too funny!

  2. Question from an ignorant reader. Please don't take offence: Are all/the majority of homeschoolers Christian? Somewhere, a penny just dropped! D'oh!!

  3. Well, that is the stereotype. But there are a lot of secular people who home-educate as well. I've even seen some Muslims and a Wiccan or two...

    Homeschooling naturally lends itself to people who are committed to teaching their children a certain worldview, so because it isn't extremely widespread in my opinion it DOES attract more religious types and folks who don't want to interact with "the world." Most HS-ers don't want to admit that. Shh. :]


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