01 May 2008

I Could Use One of These in My Kitchen.

Kim writes: Here are some photos of an Echidna. It is getting a bit colder here now that we are in the middle of autumn (Fall) and the Stanleys haven't been able to see an echidna in the wild. That is because Echidnas hibernate during winter. These photos show an echidna eating ants in my backyard.


  1. Thanks, Kim! The link shows its little pawprints. They're the weirdest *ever!*

  2. I just adore these little creatures..

    I will send some more photos very soon

    cheers kim xx

  3. I'm a little slow this morning....

    why do you need one in your kitchen?

  4. LOL It's a joke. I have ants.

  5. OH! I forgot about your ants! Ahhhh, I get it!

  6. Okay that is adorable! I want a backyard with fun little creatures running around! Well...there is a lawyer whose lawn backs to our...he's kind of odd, and can be mean when you irritate him. Does this count?!

    PS--cutie petutie profile pic, I love it!


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