02 May 2008

Within 10 Miles


A few years back, a tornado hit and wiped out houses the other direction, some less than two miles away! We spent quite a bit of time last evening hiding in our basement. Then the more serious storms happened in the middle of the night with no warning! The newscast says around 2 or 2:30 and I'm not going to dispute them.

I've been having trouble getting in touch with staff at the middle school I *need* to talk to, but everything is a mess there, too, because the area in the video is in our school district. Some kids were only just now showing up as roads are cleared, etc.

Can I move to Florida now? At least with hurricanes, we get lotsa warning so we can panic properly.


  1. OK now all y'll stalkers have a good idea where I live. No visits.

  2. Dad: This is where we went looking to see what $180,000 would buy in Kansas City.

    Not much, evidently.

  3. Awww man, I was gonna drop in! lol

    Yeah, I'm okay...tired tired tired the storm woke me up constantly through the night. Thankfully we weren't farther north, though.

  4. Stacey, one of these days we're going to have to have an IRL. NO way we can live this close and blog for years and years and never bump into each other!

  5. Yeah we slept through the worst part until Zookeeper thought he heard the trash cans rolling around and ran out to rescue them. He hates picking up trash the next day. Yeah it's gross.
    I am glad you guys are OK too!

  6. Phew... I am really pleased that you are all safe..

    (I couldn't get the link to load.
    But then I already know where you live hehehe)

    cheers kim xxx


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