14 May 2008

Patrick Update

I know you all want to know how Patrick is doing. This is a picture I intentionally took in front of a towel so that we would have a white background. We are going to make a picture "book" for J and white is the recommended colour for the background but all my walls are a seashell-brown or beige. Patrick is taller than I am now and weighs 130 pounds (yes, he's thin!). He just got done with a big symphonic orchestra concert and his last concert for the school year is next Monday. He also presented his English presentation in a display with the other gifted students. He amended the label on the presentation he shares with his friend M secretly with some tape after we entered the display area. He changed the label from claiming they both worked hard on the project to something along the lines of, "Patrick did all the work and sweated his butt off on this project while M loafed about and stole potato chips from area grocery stores and played games on his computer." What is funny is that the label was up the whole time and no one commented on it. Just goes to show you no one reads very closely. They just looked at the pictures.


  1. I love how he changed the label. Smart boy!

  2. Seems your son is a comedian! Love the label.


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