05 May 2008

Pray for the Persecuted Church. In London.


You've got to see it to comprehend the magnitude of the persecution these folks are going through. It's been made to look like a little bit of urban planning for the 2012 Olympics and --oops!-- guess you lost your church, there, buddy. Meanwhile, the city of London sets aside land for


... that is a SEVEN with four ZEROES... 70,000... bigger than most mid-size American cities...

-capacity mosque for the Muslims. Their goal is nothing less than taking over the entire world for Islam. Have you thought about the Islamics' extreme intolerance and hate? Ya know, if you think *Christians* are a bit intolerant and hateful, you haven't seen anything yet. My understanding from the video is that this is particular set of Muslims doesn't like to answer questions and is a bit insular. Giving them a meeting place might seem like a gesture of goodwill today, but I would HATE to be proven right that it would be used as a base for clandestine operations.

We see from news reports that Muslims are already taking over the schools there to the extent that the Holocaust is no longer taught as part of the curriculum. Tomorrow, the British will be learning about how the Prophet Muhammad is really great and the Queen will be wearing a hijab. OK, I'm not British but even *I* found that thought offensive and hard to type.

But the Christians? Kick them to the corner! They had nothing to do with the building of European Civilization anyway.


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  2. I heard a man on the radio recently saying how native British are a dying breed. He said that England is becoming so overwhelmingly Muslim that when you think of fish and chip shops and stuff like that it's not really accurate anymore. He also said that French people are disappearing for just the same reasons. Oh, they refuse to have enough children to replace their population too.

    Having children is so out of fashion anyway. Pretty soon all of Europe will be replaced by Muslims because they're the ones who have kids. The world is not the same place anymore. It's scary.

  3. Well, Mrs. C. you and I can rest easy that we are doing our part to make more babies than the muslims....



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