06 May 2008

Moral Quandary

Soon, Patrick's science class will be dissecting frogs. They'll watch a computer show about how to do it first, and then the scalpels come out and the children are expected to dissect the frogs as they were shown.

Patrick is not sure about the morality of it all. He wants to be a good kid and not cause trouble, but I can tell this issue is bothering him. I told him that *I* am not sure what I would do if I were him. He needs to pray and think about it, and whatever he decides, I'll back him up.


  1. In an age where you can find great pictures of anatomy online, even many medical schools have stopped the practice of dissection. I am somewhat surprised that dissection still goes on at lower levels.


  2. Yes, Patrick is in eighth grade this year. He has decided he'll do it. I know it's going to be difficult for him.


    Not frogs... Frogs are disappearing off the face of the earth really really quickly.
    Frogs are our environmental indicators.If your environment is healthy you have frogs..
    Whole species of frogs are being lost PFFFT.. just like that..

    Would you dissect a Siberian tiger???

    I am Heartbroken....

  4. Poor Patrick. that has to be hard. WOuld they let him out of it and do something else for the same amount of points if you wrote a note stating religious reasons as the reason for not doing it. They are required to do that in our parish.

  5. yeeks at this point in my life, knowing what i know now...i think i would have been a conscientious objector for this in biology class.


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