26 June 2008



I'm in a lot of pain. It's 3:30 in the morning and I've gone ahead and taken one of Patrick's old pills from his appendectomy. The surgeon (same surgeon for both operations)'s office told me I could take ONE. Yayy. Patrick weighs less than half what I weigh and HE got two. But I'm not going to dicker. At least I get 1/4 of what I ought to be able to have to control pain. Maybe they are more concerned I will be unable to go to the bathroom and have to be catheterized again? I'm having a very hard time, and in more pain than when I first woke up after the operation.

So my insights won't be loopy because of the drugs. I'm just in so much pain that it's hard to concentrate. Those sorts of mistakes aren't as funny as the loopy druggy ones. :] OK, at least to me, because I'm not wincing while typing the loopy ones.


I was reading about the Obama smear site posting a fake birth certificate for Obama's birth. Personally I would have NO WAY of telling a fake from a real certificate, so I'll leave that for everyone else to argue over. I don't like him, but that also doesn't mean that I believe everything he says is a lie, either. Though the birth certificate thing might be true. You know what, though? John McCain is so old that I'd hate for his to show up online, signed by some old lady on a yellow sheet with a calligraphy pen and all.

Ok annnnyway... Some of the comments were amusing. Here's a limerick for Obama written by "Peter UK:"

There was a young man named Obama,
a smooth political charmer,
but if you cause any fuss
it is under the bus
be you Pastor or Daddy or Grandma.

And the Ten Commandments of Obama, contributed by MarkJ:

I am Obama your Messiah.

You shall vote for no other candidates but me.

You shall not worship graven idols...unless it is my "presidential seal."

You shall not make fun of the name of your Messiah.

Remember Election Day and keep it holy.

Honor your Mama and Papa...unless they get in the way.

You shall not murder...but, if you do, blame it on George Bush.

You shall not commit adultery...but, if you do, blame "The White She-Devil."

You shall not steal...but, if you do, give the money to My Campaign.

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor...unless you can keep it off YouTube.

You shall not covet your neighbor's house...especially if they are a minority and facing foreclosure.

You shall not speak ill of My Wife...otherwise you're a racist.

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