26 June 2008


Every day, it seems Elf and Emperor MUST get out every toy they own. Then they must play with all the toys at once on the floor. They will incorporate drawings they've made into their play. They don't keep the little warrior men separate from the linking stars. It all goes together and whole worlds are created and put away each day.


  1. Thats what childhood is all about. And how much better is that then the child who watches TV all day? You are blessed.

  2. Uh, how do you get them to play in their bedroom? Beverly and David take every toy they have and drag it into whatever room I am in.

  3. What you need to do is get two children under the age of two to inhabit all the common areas of the house. Then see how quickly you get a little nasty when Legos and things come out of the bedroom. :]


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