03 June 2008

The Flat Stanleys are having an awesome time at Chris's house in New Zealand. Have you ever heard the New Zealand national anthem sung while you looked at scenic clips of the country? Now's your chance! God Defend New Zealand sounds harder to sing than God Bless America, but maybe it's because they're singing it kinda show-y. Wonder how little primary school kids sound singing it? And do you see the lambs in the video? Did you know there are more sheep than PEOPLE in New Zealand? It's true. They must wear a lot of wool there; too bad I'm allergic because it's warm stuff.


  1. Came to your blog via 'Diet Coke Rocks'. Hopefully this link will work for you, but this is how primary kids sound when they sing God Defend New Zealand ... very cute :-)


    If the link doesn't work, let me know and I will send you another one.

  2. that version of our National Anthem is a bit different to the 'norm'... we usually sing the entire Maori version followed by the English version (same words, different language)... but that video is lovely.

  3. The video link you gave was very cute, Karen! Complete with flag-swacking and nose-picking kids! Awwww...

    See, Chris, the first time through the video I didn't realize they were speaking Maori and thought WOW New Zealanders are hard to understand LOL! That was one wild accent. :]


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