26 June 2008


Surgeon told me to quit taking everything but over-the-counter Tylenol. I'm in a fair bit of pain (worse when I try to sleep/roll over!!!) but I have managed to get that visit done as well as a mammogram. Advice: Get your mammograms done right after gut surgery when you have no pain medicine. The boob squashin' is just NOTHING on your other pain and in fact you'll hardly notice how they can contort your body in the evil breast vice. Let's see... what other bothersome things can I get done while I have all this "time off" with nothing to do and I'm in pain anyway? Dental surgery? Eyebrow tweezing? Ideas? Limited time only; the surgeon tells me I will feel better in "only" six weeks.


  1. LOL Too late! Not much to prop up and rearrange now!

  2. What about a Brazilian Bikini Wax? lol

    Girl you are a trooper. I would be bent over crying.

  3. Oh, gracious, I'll do that right after I get my scarred-up belly button pierced and tattooed LOL!

    Maybe I shouldn't be askin' these questions...

    I'm actually a Prohibition type person but I'm tellin' ya, I'm going to hit the bottle tonight regardless. This is too much pain to just "deal" with.

  4. ((((Mrs.C))))
    Hope you feel better right quick!

  5. I hope you recove soon. I'm also glad guys don't have to do something like a mammogram on our privates. Ouch!


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