02 July 2008

Be Careful Little Eyes, Little Feet and Little Hands.

I just got my CBD Homeschool Catalog online today! Oooh, I'm so excited!

I've been looking through it to see if there are any relatively CHEAP things I can do for a music elective. I have zero musical training and don't have thousands of bucks to spend on an instrument I wouldn't know how to teach the children, or on an experiment that is just going to fail. And I'm leery of buying used (maybe that's just me, but having been disappointed before in "good used condition" stuff before... I'd just rather spend extra and know what I'm getting).

I saw something really cute in their music section. Bob McGrath's band-in-a-box instrument and CD set. Remember "Bob" from Sesame Street?? How cute all those shows were growing up. Yeah, a little liberal-leaning but the puppets were pretty cute. I'm not buying any new Sesame Street DVDs and the like because they feature folks like Ellen on the show, prompting D to joke in front of the children in a high voice, "Oh! Elmo likes girls, tooo!" So our days of leaving the tv on while we're in the kitchen are over.

Well, I wanted to know with all the instruments... is it possible for one kid to use the cymbals while another does the sandpaper blocks? I think in theory it is because when my children were younger there would be "music shows" like that. How do you coordinate the cymbals and the sandpaper blocks? I need ideas! Do you have to read music to know when to knock the sticks together? I wanted to know if the CD/band set would be any help in that. So I wandered over to Bob McGrath's website to look for detailed info. I found his bio which included this bit of info:

"McGrath has been Chairperson of National UNICEF day and served as host at the United Nations celebration for the 'Rights of the Child'. He served as the annual host for World Children’s Day at the UN General Assembly."

Bob, I'm feeling betrayed. You were one of my friends when I was a kid.

I'm guessing I don't really want the band-in-a-box anyway. I'm a bit sad about it now. But I know how to sing, "Oh, be careful little hands what you buy. Oh, be careful little hands what you buy. For the Father up above is looking down in love, so be careful little hands what you buy."

Second verse, everyone!

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  1. There are ways for percussion instruments to read music. I'm sure you could find all sorts of free stuff online...or just teach the kid what a beat is and how to hit to it. I'd vote for a recorder...that's just about every kid's first instrument in school. Good luck!


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