01 July 2008

The Itchy and Scratchy Show

Is no fun when it's happening to you. This morning, I began itching a bit. Now I have large welty-things on my chest, down my arms, my stomach and especially my upper thighs. The pic doesn't show it, but it's very puffy. I have already had the measles, so it can't be that. Ditto for chicken pox. I have called the surgeon's office and they are telling me, oh, you just probably react badly to the alcohol you're using for the pain. That, or to raspberries, because those are the only two things that are different in this past week. (Before you ask, yes, our laundry detergent is the super non-allergenic stuff.) I've taken two doses of Benadryl and it isn't getting any better. Thankfully, my pain is greatly lessened over the last day. I've been very careful not to do too much 'round the house in case that is contributing to the pain. I am thankful for all the people who prayed for me in church on Sunday, and for my pastor praying for me today. The pain is a bit less and I'm praying mostly now for the ITCHING and redness to stop and for healing so I can get back to actually being a wife and mother again.


  1. What's with all the naked photos lately?

    But seriously, is it really the booze? Wouldn't you have had a reaction to it before now or is this the first time you ever drank alcohol?

    That's rough anyhow. Sorry : (

  2. Well, ok the tummy pic was a bit much. And I promise not to blog pictures if I ever need surgery for hemorrhoids, ok?

    I am one of those people who firmly believe that alcohol is a drug strong enough not to be taken lightly. I'd be OK with Prohibition because of what alcohol does to families and people who are addicted to the substance. However, when your surgeon refuses to give you anything for severe pain, you tend to self-medicate.

    I'm not really sure what's going on. It's actually getting WORSE and there aren't many white spots left. Praying it goes away or at least lessens overnight because I've had way too many trips to the hospital lately...

  3. OH! SO... in answer to your question, aside from a drink here and there in early adulthood I haven't drank.

    Forgot to answer the question... sorrry.

  4. Mrs C topless!!!
    But joking aside, im sure its not much fun, hope you get it sorted soon.

  5. Ouch!!! Can you go straight to the doctor? that doesn't look like an allergic reaction to something. and alcohol wouldn't do that anyway...is it sore? could it be shingles ouch you really are having a bad patch..

  6. YAY the redness is going down a little, though I'm still itchy and taking Benadryl. I'll have to seriously consider allergy testing because I don't want to have to go through that again.

    And Kim, I don't think real Australians ever go through this, but there have been some medically documented people allergic to drinking alcohol LOL!

    Casdok: We took other pics with the bra on and that seemed LESS tasteful when you look at the pics somehow. So I posted this one. BTW I am SO GLAD you are back. Thinking and praying for you and C often!

  7. the zookeeper came up with this strange rash that looked like poison ivy, but wasn't. All the poison ivy stuf didn't work on it. then it went away and came back on a different arm. finally the doc gave him a really expensive cream, but it never came back.

    maybe you need like a steroid cream. benadryl didn't work for him either. we couldn't find anything different either.

    he can feel your pain, as he nearly scratched his arms until they bled.

    I hope you get better soon


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