29 July 2008

Do You Understand Television?

Growing up, I had a great deal of difficulty understanding "The Jeffersons." I could understand "Helen" and "Lionel" when they spoke. I could understand all the white characters and I could also understand "Wheezy" (is she really "Louisa?") most of the time. The rest of them, forget it. They spoke strangely and the things they were talking about made no sense. The sassy maid certainly should have been shown the door in the first episode.

The Flintstones and Bugs Bunny were shows I *thought* I understood until I got older. Then I realized what sexist, racist, idiotic things were on the TV when I was a kid. And Tom and Jerry? When did they get so violent? And when did Ginger on Gilligan's Island become so... disgusting? Patrick literally runs out of the room when she starts the smooch thing. And I'm sure if I were to re-watch a Brady Bunch episode, that I'd be very ill or have to leave the room myself.

Now some of the things I used to think were "boring," I enjoy. Things like the Andy Griffith show are actually funny to watch. I also like several of the Twilight Zone episodes. Davey and Golliath are kinda preachy but cute as well.

Today, though, I'm glad we don't tune in to the TV very often at all. D likes to watch "America's Got Talent" each week. I still go into fits every time I hear the title of the show. It makes no sense!! Argh!! "America Has Talented Performers" might be a better title. Or better yet, "Talented Americans Compete for Cash Prizes" makes the most sense. But noooo... America done gots itself some talent. True, D has to flip off the TV every five minutes because they have some doozie acts on occasion. But I liked the puppet guy they had on last season.

What are some shows you can't stand, or maybe enjoy too much? :]


  1. There are a lot more shows that I hate than like.

    You already know how much I love COPS. I also like Antiques Roadshow and Rick Steve's Europe on PBS. I sometimes like the trashy judge shows like Judge Joe Brown but those shows are depressing sometimes: family members with 83 different fathers of their children suing eachother for crashing cars while one was working her shift at the strip club.

    I like American Idol sometimes but I tire of it easily. Simon is the best part. I like the news sometimes. I used to like House MD until the new doctors took over.

    I don't have cable so that limits a lot of shows I actually know about. TV is generally pretty annoying to me. I can't handle most of it. I cannot stand pretty much all reality shows.

  2. I pretty much can't stand television. The stories are often trite, the commercials are ridiculous, and I don't have time to sit on my butt doing nothing for a whole hour.

    An after reading about how reality television is produced, one comes to the conclusion that there is nothing real about reality shows.

    Mostly we get DVDs from the library on history or inventions, or "How To" shows. My dd love Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart, while the boys like history, especially Ancient Greece and Rome.

  3. I can not stand "so you think you can dance" The woman judge just annoys the daylights out of me. i also can not stand soap operas period.

    Shows I love are any cooking show and any Gordan Ramsey show.


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