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Warning: Crude and Disgusting Post

Well, if we're having a discussion on birth control in general, I'd tell you that for the most part I'm against it. If you just got your tubes tied because you're overwhelmed and overburdened with three, that has to be between you, God and your husband. But if you *ask* me, I'll tell you why I don't believe in it and why. It isn't a huge "salvation" issue, even if I do have some pretty strong feelings on the matter. I should hope that in any event I'm nice about it, though.

But why does it all seem to have to be the other way 'round when someone happens to have a buncha kids? What seems to make normally rational people get that huffy "I know what's best for you and your life and you're ignorant for not listening to me" tone when they hear someone's having a large family? This story of a family that has just welcomed its 18th child sure drew some nasty ol' comments. And no, it isn't the Duggars.

I didn't read through all 5 million or so comments (not much of an exaggeration; take a look for yourself), but the ones I did read mostly had a nasty, disgusting and moralizing tone... all at once! Boy, I could sure understand someone writing, "I sure don't want to be there on laundry day!" or "That's more kids than I could handle!" or even "I believe that God wants us all to have three or fewer children so that we don't negatively impact the earth through global warming." You know, go ahead and have an opinion and we can talk about *that.*

But, um, the fellow needs to strap a board to his butt so he doesn't fall in?? Cretins reproducing like rabbits? Vaginas shouldn't be clown cars? Or, they believe in God because they're idiots and you can see the proof because they have too many children? Or:

"If she has college funds in place for all of those kids and the kids have been allowed to play sports and activities and if they haven't been stuck giving up their childhood to babysit for her lazy @$$, then hey I'm cool with it. But something tells me the Bit$% doesn't have enough money to afford all of those kids and give them a normal childhood. It's not like she's got Oprah's money or Angelina Jolie's money, where all the kids can go to school and have normal lives. Anyway, if she covered those things, then hey more power to ya."

Aw, yeah. So if you're super-rich and traipse across the globe with your unmarried lover and pick up a stray orphan of every colour and crank out a few of your own while you're at it, it's all kewl. But the married lady, if she doesn't have enough money for "sports and activities" AND college for each of the children, she's a B*. Because Ms. Jolie's kids are going to go to school and have "normal" lives. Because the millions of kids starving in the Sahara? Not "normal" lives. Normal is what you see in the Dick and Jane books, people!

I do wonder if half these people would have the guts to say stuff like this to the couple's faces. I do blog under a pseudonym, but many of you know my "real name" and know these are my real photographs of my real family. I'm a real person, and while my name is not Mrs. C, I DO live in Missouri and the facts I relate about my family are true. If you saw me shopping at the store or going to church, I'd be the same person there as I am right here. I guess I'm amazed at the nastiness people display when they think they're anonymous. I guess I shouldn't be.


  1. You said it just right! Hooray for you. (it's because you're from MO, though, we're like that)

  2. Okay, I'm asking. WHY are you so against BC? :-)

  3. to each his/her own you know?

  4. So people all think they know what is best whether you have one or a zillion. But I do think that 18 is a lot and I would lose my mind I think. And what I have found is that I don't have to entertain my kids quite as much as other people, not because I am lazy but because they are always playing together and coming up with some new and creative idea.

    Also as far as school and organized sports are concerned. What can they possibly learn from them that are so beneficial? I do have 1 that plays on a non-christian organized soccer team, and will probably continue to do so, but I can't say that everything that she has learned has been positive. But then I guess that one comment wants every kid to know about drugs, s_x and violence by the time they are 5. Because it seems that is about all they learn sometimes.

    Anyway enough of the rant!

  5. Anonymity does allow for such nasty things. Ugh. You're right. In fact, there was a pretty good XKCD comic about that a while back. Let me try to find that...


  6. All the nastiest most vile comments come from "anon" on my blog. They don't have the guts to at least sign their name let alone link to their profile or blog.

    John 3:19 " loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil"

    Yes, people hate kids these days. They're so bad for the environment and your just selfish if you have more than 2. I know you live in the heartland, Mrs. C but people here would probably give you death stares with your 6 kids...that is unless you strapped Obama t-shirts on all of them.

  7. Luke, I loved that comic. If we did have to meet one another face to face before commenting, most of us would be more civil about things.

    And LOL Catherine, maybe people would think that's our day-care uniform if I put the Obama shirts on them. But I'm hoping to raise SIX VOTERS for the Lord!

    Um, I don't know what I'd tell them about this election, though. Vote for the lesser of two evils?

    PATRICK will actually be old enough to vote in the presidential election after this one!

  8. Okay so 18 children isn't for me. Not at all.

    But at the end of the day, who am I to judge her choices? And I'm very sorry but money isn't the be all and end all of parenting. I would imagine that when her children are all grown up, they will remember the family and their togetherness heaps more than whether they had designer clothes or not.

    Some people! Sheesh!

  9. I found your blog through Life In A Shoe blog comment.
    This is the hands down the most point on thing I have read in a LONG TIME.
    We have 5 children and you would think we were a double headed alien from Mars when we go out. The looks. And complete strangers saying, "Are you going to have anymore?" ummm, why must I discuss my sex life in the check out lane???? Ack!
    Thanks for your post, it made my day. :)
    God Bless,

  10. Veronica, as old and tired as I am I couldn't *imagine* having 18 children EVERY DAY either LOL!

    Michele, thanks for visiting me! And commenting, too! You're my new friend. I actually don't mind someone asking me if I want more... but... of course it depends *how* I'm being asked if you know what I mean.

    As you probably know, I live in Missouri. Lots of people here have four kids (by no means the majority, though). When you get to five, six or seven people start to make comments though. I guess I don't understand where some of the ANGER comes from, if I'm not taking welfare money.

    Wait a minute.

    Even if I *were* on welfare, that wouldn't really be any of their business if I were on it legally. I mean, how many two- and three- child families are on it? And shouldn't I have the same safety net they do?


  11. I just wanted to add that I'm glad to realize how inspirational Angie Jolie is. I am going to name my kid a name with an "x" in it to be cool like her. How does "Maxi Pad" sound?

  12. LOL Ok I just snorted and laughed at the same time and I think some ice tea went places it shouldn't. That Maxi Pad comment cracked me up!
    Mrs.C, we live in Southern Florida. Most people have 2 children, if any. Very rarely more than 3. I keep telling my DH we should just wear shirts that say, "Breeders." on it. Just to mess with them, you know. LOL I had a well meaning neighbor call me after the birth of our last one and 'check' on me. In our conversation she said, "Well surely I can get some groceries for you so you don't have to us your Food Stamps up!" *major snort* Food Stamps? God bless her. I explained we weren't on public assistance, she was dumbfounded that we could have 5 children and live on one income. My Dh was less amused by her assumption than I was. LOL
    God Bless,


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