15 July 2008

Mean, Mean, Mean!!

My mom won't pick me up and bounce me! She won't carry me up the stairs. And I get no more milk in my bottles; only water. Then she pretends not to know what I'm talking about when I get mad! She says if I'm going to be all attached to the bottle, that that's what I get. No fair! She knows what I want! Come on. These are just baby teeth anyway, and I can stop this habit any time when I get around to feeling like it. I'm good and mad about it. See how I've banged my head already? Ow.


  1. You've got to fight for your right to party!

  2. I think he's banging his head because mental health is driving him mad, tho'. LOL! I think we're the same age if we're singing the same ol' 80s tunes here.

  3. Awww mum, couldn't you have put a nicer photo of me on the blog???


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