21 August 2008

After the Rain.

After a rainshower or a good watering, the pumpkin grows. Look at how big it is getting! This is growing in our front yard from seeds obtained from LAST year's pumpkin. It's fun to see it change as the weeks go by.


  1. WOW! That thing has grown so much since the last photo! Hows the apple tree fairing?

  2. That's amazing. I thought they were orange from the start.

  3. Thanks!

    The apple tree is still alive, but some of its leaves are dead. D thinks it's dying but if that's true, it's taking a very long time to do so. It just might make it. :]

    DF, the FLOWERS are orange. There are boy flowers and girl flowers. The girl flowers have a little bulb at the bottom and when the boy parts are put into the flower by bees, a pumpkin grows in the girl flower. Then the flower falls off the end of the pumpkin. The little belly button on the bottom of the pumpkin used to be a flower.

    I learned all this last year, too. All pumpkins used to be girl flowers.

  4. It looks really good. Better than my garden is doing at the moment.


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