26 August 2008

Against Public Education?

No, I'm really not. In theory. But danged if I don't feel that way when I read stories about abuse in schools, tax money being wasted, and children not only being left behind, but being written off entirely.

(... brief aside... Just *think* about the barely above-poverty white people and the treatment they get. They do NOT MATTER, my friend. Sorry. Please note that NCLB *never* would compare whites to Asians or Indians (from India!) in mathematics or engineering, or care about whites making progress in schools... now my aside is over... back to the post... )

Then when I read stories like this about the NEA organizing and giving $50 million to Obama I just go over the top. The subheadline? "Educators organize to help voters make best choices for children."

Thanks, NEA. I'm so glad when things make you look bad, you want to "concentrate" on educating children... but other times when the heat isn't on, you'd like to tell me and my children what and how to think. They're so wise and respected, you see:

"No one is better positioned to influence their neighbors on wise political choices than educators, who are among the most respected messengers in America. In every poll that rates the most influential Americans, educators-our members-are at the top."

Yeah, bayybee. Educators, take note: this sort of pandering and "I'm better than you" tone taken by organizations that REPRESENT YOU is but one of the reasons people don't respect teachers as they did in the "old days." My apologies to those of you trying to make a difference in public education. Hat tip: Darren.


  1. I want to know how they can afford to give all that money when "there is never enough money to pay teachers properly or fix-up schools". Then they raise our taxes.

  2. As a public school teacher, sometimes I'm almost against public education. As for my union spending $50 million to support Obama, I'm going to start asking questions. Members may have donated it outside of union dues, but I need to know, because I don't support the Obamessiah.

    NEA money comes from teachers who are union members. And all public school teachers are forced to become union members. You may want to count the number of administrators in your school district, and ask what all of them do to justify their salaries. If anyone asks though, you didn't hear that from me.


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