14 August 2008

Balanced Consideration?

Spunky Homeschool points out that California colleges don't have to accept students whose academic training has even a hint of yucky ol' religion in it. Bob Jones and Abeka stuff, referenced in the pdf of a court decision as being of inferior quality when compared to the illustrious and advanced stuff in most public high schools, has a regular place in our homeschool.

I've attended an elite public high school and graduated from a reasonably good (but not Ivies) college with a BA in English. This semi-lowbrow finds the English, Social Studies and Bible courses offered through BJU Press to be of superior quality and I'd imagine that a homeschooled student continuing his homeschool education with curriculum from this publisher would do well, all else being equal. In all fairness, my children are doing second- and third- grade work and I can't judge the high school courses.

The Abeka readers contain classic Christian and American poems and short stories. If Dick and Jane grew up and appeared in a third-grade reader, this would be it. Very white and suburban. Very Evangelical, emphasizing the Colonial past as a golden era with few problems only very briefly mentioned. Granted, the Abekas polish history to their liking, but I haven't found any outright LIES in the texts. A slanted emphasis, perhaps, to which I do *not* object in the younger grades. Must a six-year-old be introduced to the concept that Jefferson *may* have bedded his slave?

I know that colleges can't just set aside academic standards in favour of students whose entire training in the field of science consists of the Genesis account of Creation, but neither should they discount students who learn that the Bible is the starting point of all knowledge. What would the consequences be if every college accepted only those students who have been trained in the proper worldview (secular)? Would Christians become second-class citizens who can't attend? Or would homeschoolers have to amend their curriculum to make the colleges happy... you know... teach that Darwin was a great scientist and that Creation Science is an oxymoron? Just wondering. Spunky raises some good points in her blog and she's worth a visit. :]

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