13 August 2008

Must... Squeeze... Into... Dress!

Our very favourite, favourite, favourite outfit was sent to us by Casdok when S was just two months old. S has been wearing it straight from the laundry after her baths. It's getting hard to squeeze the girl in now. Her dad pays special attention to her when she wears it, and bet you even at this age she feels pretty in it. I've looked all over for a dress nearly so special. It seems that all the little, tiny girl dresses are cute, and then when you get to a 2T size, the skirts only go down to the upper thigh and spaghetti-straps are the order of the day. I'll be very sad the day we can no longer bend S's chubby little arm into the sleeves LOL! Meanwhile, we're enjoying every minute of the soft frills.


  1. You can't tell from the photo, but when she's lying down, the dress looks more like a shirt because she's grown taller!

  2. I hate the new style for little girls. They want you to dress them like Brittney Spears rock star type girls.

    That dress is really cute on her.

  3. She does look very girlie!!
    I too have dressess i have to sqeeze into!!

  4. S is such a wee poppet.... and she's so cute in her wee dress.

  5. She is such a cutie and wow a mini mommy. She is just growing up soooo fast. This picture is really sweet.
    I am looking forward to Tea on Tuesday again too.
    Missed ya

  6. Very pretty. Sadly, out little one wears hand me downs.

  7. LOL me too, Casdok!

    Thanks for all the compliments, and DF, I agree S will have to wear hand-me-downs too. I think cross-dressing S is the lesser sin when you look at what's on the shelf! WOW.

  8. I stopped at each of your boy's blogs - coming from Casdock's place to congratulate them on their blog award but then I thought - well maybe they don't know about it yet

    I once ruined a birthday surprise so I've learned to be more careful lol

    anyway - all things start with Mom so here I am

    and yes, I ramble - feel free to ignore much of what I say :)

    love the photos

    you have a stunning family


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