05 August 2008

Bye-Bye, Mattress.

Elf was in tears to see this mattress go. It was very hard on him to see things change at home. He'd have liked to have kept his old mattress. But it was around 30 years old. It had springs that would pop out and poke him during the night. We'd pull and clip one problematic piece of metal to find another pop out a few days later. And they were sharp little sticks, too. Yet Elf was very sad. After a night of sleeping on his new mattress, however, Elf has concluded that while he's very sad to see the old mattress go, he thinks he "can get used to" the new one well enough. Maybe he doesn't really want the old one back after all.


  1. This sounds a lot like my Noddy. He gets upset when discussing anything new. He does not want a new bedspread or sheets or rug. He thinks his broken toys are sad if we get rid of them. He felt sorry for the old van when we got a new car.

    He likes "same" too. Change is hard for him too.

  2. Change is still very hard for my 11yo.

    I am glad he is getting used to his new mattress. Poor guy!

  3. Funny.

    At the coffee shop at my college they had a tip jar labeled, "If you are afraid of change, leave it here." I thought it was clever...

  4. I don't think they make mattresses like that anymore. Our kids' mattresses are plain looking and they would not miss them one bit.


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